IDATHA Wins 2022 Clutch Award for Uruguay’s Top-Performing AI Company

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence seemed out of reach and almost exclusive for films. Today, companies that want to scale and boost their efficiency should know how to harness the power of AI. Here at IDATHA, we want to help you tap in and venture into the complicated world of artificial intelligence. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, our team is filled with passionate professionals dedicated to machine learning, data engineering, computer vision, natural language processing, and so much more.

Because of our proven track record in the space, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the cutthroat industry. Just recently, we caught wind that we’ve been recognized as a leader on Clutch’s 2022 Awards cycle! IDATHA was officially hailed as one of the finest artificial intelligence partners from Uruguay!

“We are very proud to receive the Clutch leader award. This is proof that we are continuously providing the highest quality to our clients.”

Chief Executive Officer of IDATHA

Thank you so much to everyone of our clients who helped us get to where we are today. It’s been a great pleasure working with you and serving as your trusted partner. Your kind words serve as catalysts for our success and recognition.

IDATHA is proud to be a Clutch leader and a five-star team! Turn your data into cutting-edge competitive advantage. Send us a message today and tell us more about what you need. We look forward to working with you!