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Senior Engineers
10+ years of experience

experience in multiple technologies and domains

Our Staff Augmentation Team

Data Scientist Knowledge

- Design and develop predictive models (R, Python, Pandas)
- Strong experience in languages, libraries and data analysis tools
- Machine learning specialist (Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow)
- Knowledge of applied statistics
- Graphical analysis experience

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Computer Vision Engineer Knowledge

- Minimum 4 years experience in Computer Vision
- Solid knowledge in image tracking, detection, recognition and processing
- Extensive management of Python and / or C ++
- Solid experience in Machine Learning, specifically Deep Learning
- Experience with Tensorflow, scikit-learn, OpenCV
- Solid knowledge in linear algebra

TensorFlow Badge First certificate in Latin America as a Tensorflow Developer

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Data Engineer Knowledge

- Extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Databases and Big Data systems
- Design and develop data pipelines for continuous ingestion to Data Warehouses and Data Lakes
- Mastery of data integration techniques, mainly from non-relational sources
- Ensures that data can be properly consumed by the different teams within the organization
- Experience in collaborative data analysis platforms
- Proficiency in programming languages, libraries and data analysis tools

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BI Engineer Knowledge

- Extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Databases and Data Warehousing systems
- Design and implement multidimensional data models (cubes with their dimensions, hierarchies, facts and measures)
- Designs and develops extract, transform, and load (ETL) routines for data integration from various sources
- Experience in building dashboards and data visualizations using state-of-the-art platforms
- Domain of relational databases and SQL
- Data quality basics

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Data Quality Engineer Knowledge

- Extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Data Quality in Information Systems
- Based on the multi-dimensional approach to the concept of quality (dimensions, factors, metrics and measurement methods), it develops Quality Models
- Designs and implements in conjunction with the client Data Quality Management processes that are transversal to the entire organization that promote evaluation and continuous improvement
- Experience in running Data Profiling to explore a data set for signs of data quality issues
- Domain of relational databases and SQL

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Business Translator Knowledge

- Ensures that the visions of the technical and business areas are aligned
- Understand the challenges from a business point of view by identifying the main pain points, based on which it helps to define the best data strategy
- It helps to keep the project focus on the value that is contributed to the business, preventing it from deriving in efforts that do not generate value
- Together with the client, define what will be the success criteria of the project to enhance ROI

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