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Computer Vision
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Computer vision has found its way to numerous markets and applications.

Ranging from inspection systems in the manufacturing industry to vision-based drone guidance systems in precision agriculture, computer vision technology boosts the productivity of your processes and the quality of your products.

Our team has built custom computer vision solutions with advanced components such as object classification, feature recognition, segmentation, pattern recognition, object detection, filtering etc. to address the business challenges of diverse industries.

Machine Learning Services
We offer our computer vision services in two ways.

Quickly integrate outstanding engineers that increase your team's capacity.

Engineer Profiles

We provide technical and business consulting on computer vision solutions based on your unique requirements, use cases, and peculiarities of your datasets.

Some examples how we used
Computer Vision in these years

Identify people in an image, from face detection and processing.

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Detect objects in an image such as people, cars, chairs, traffic lights, etc.

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Identify the scene in an image like restaurants, stadiums, markets etc.

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Extract text from simple photos or photos with more complex backgrounds.

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Success Cases
Companies all over the world rely on IDATHA.
Computer Vision for workplace safety
Using various security cameras installed in the cargo terminal of the port of Montevideo, we developed a security solution to detect people or elements that are in violation.
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Entertainment Industry

Objects and face detection in videos

More than 15 custom AI models - most of them non-existent previously, others are improved versions of existing models provided by big companies like Amazon, Google, MSFT.

Some examples include custom sports model to detect events during soccer matches.

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Forest Industry

Computer Vision for cargo transportation

Security cameras were installed at the entrance of the scales where the trucks weigh their cargo. Using computer vision, it began to automatically check if the truck was loaded enough to enter.

USD 800K savings were obtained by implementing this solution in the first few months.

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