Kybalion Suite

Kybalion is our custom-made Suite to deliver the power of AI.

Solve your most complex business problems with a cutting-edge AI platform that understands how your business and your people work.

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Unlimited Possibilities
Kybalion Benefits

This architecture stems from the team’s collective years of experience working with different services.

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Cloud or On Premise

Kybalion Suite enables developers to build cloud-native and on-premise applications.

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Available as Microservices

Integrate Data Science Products into your applications with ease using in-code deployments or API calls​.

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Can offer you also
APIs Microservices
Vision Computer Vision
CP Conversation Platform
SL Social Listening
Kybalion APIs

A variety of out-of-the-box microservices.

This product offers an ecosystem of functional services based on Machine Learning, for the resolution of classic problems in various disciplines such as: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. It offers services such as Object Detection and Classification, Face Recognition, Detector of the use of a face mask, text recognition in images, among others. All services are exposed as REST APIs.

- Available to everyone.
- Cloud & OnPrem installation capacity.

Kybalion Vision

Computer Vision made easy.

This framework allows speeding up the development of Computer Vision solutions, offering plug & play modules for connection with video surveillance cameras, execution of different Computer Vision models such as detection and classification of objects, object counting, tracking, evaluation of rules and alerts, visualize key indicators. This tool is also specially designed for the development of solutions with inferences in low-cost devices, a paradigm known as "AI on the Edge". Currently the support reaches Google devices called Coral.

- Available only for the development of projects with the IDATHA team.
- Cloud & OnPrem & On Edge installation capacity.

Kybalion CP

Multi-channel Conversation Platform.

Our Conversational Platform is a product developed by IDATHA, based on the technology of Kybalion Analytics and other world-class platforms, which provide all the necessary functionalities for administration, configuration, understanding of natural language, integration with external systems and conversational analysis. Kybalion allows the development of omnichannel virtual assistants (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Slack) quickly.

- Available only for the development of projects with the IDATHA team.
- Cloud & OnPrem installation capacity

Kybalion SL

Do better Social Listening.

Dive deep into social stats with trusted data quality. Do better business with all your networks data in one place. Easily set up teams to access private level stats securely and get deep insights, fast. Our system identifies the sentiment, themes and intentions of your clients with specific analysis models for each case. Receive alerts whenever and wherever you want. Customize your notices to be the first to know of any anomaly in your social activity.

- Available only for the development of projects with the IDATHA team.
- Cloud & OnPrem installation capacity

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