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A few words about us

It is a startup founded in 2014 by five IT professionals and academics. We are passionate about Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and work to position ourselves as referents in Latin America.

The volume of data created by companies and governments is growing exponentially. IDATHA helps companies and individuals to collect, organize and explore data to make smarter decisions.

About Our Team

The True Heart of IDATHA

We are lucky and proud to have exceptional professionals among us. Engineers, Data Specialists, Linguists and Designers are part of our team. We are joined by curiosity and commitment to create a platform that helps people and organizations find value in the data.

Our Core Values

We Believe in this


Our ambition is to solve problems that have never been solved before.


We comport ourselves with unwavering ethical integrity, respect, and courtesy.


We are self-learners, fulfilled by continuous knowledge acquisition to accelerate innovation.


Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success.

Let’s work together

Meet the IDATHA team in person and see what it’s like to work with us.

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